Care and Maintenance of Your End Grain Cutting Board

With a little care and attention will your End Grain Board will last for many years to come

  1. CLEANING - After use, sanitize your board by wiping all surfaces down with mild dish soap and water.  Dry thoroughly.  Your cutting board should be stored on its end to dry.
  2. FREQUENCY - As required (or weekly with frequent use), apply an even coat of Mineral Oil to all surfaces of your wood board using a cloth or paper towel.  You many need more frequent oiling when you first receive the board due to change in humidity.  Mineral oil may be purchased at your neighbourhood pharmacy.
  3. MAINTENANCE - Allow the oil to fully penetrate through the wood fibers (15 minutes or even overnight).  Wipe off any excess oil.  Apply additional oil to any visible dry spots.  You cannot use too much oil just as long as you wipe off any access after the absorption period.  You may also want to harden the finish with a mineral oil and wax finish product (Clapham's Salad Bowl Finish).  Lightly apply a thin lay of Clapman's with your hand or paper towel (don't worry, it is perfectly good for the skin and it is edible).  Allow your board to dry (I find overnight works best).  When dry, you can buff to a shine with a soft, dry cloth.  Clapham's Salad Bowl Finish is available through Thomas Andrew Design. 
      • Use any harsh chemicals on your board
      • Put your board in the dishwasher
      • Leave your board in the sink or allow liquids of any type to stand on the board for long periods of time
      • Let your board dry out...remember that wood and water are not the best of friends....


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